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Netscape Netcenter

Search Engines


Netscape Search
Ask Jeeves
Ixquick Metasearch


Business and Finance


Gartner Group Interactive
Hoover's Online
Personal Finance Channel
Small Business Directory


Computers and Internet



Virus Sites




Central Command (AVX Virus SW) EICAR Test Virus Double clicking on innocent looking files may be dangerous


@vantage eBay Computers eCOST.COM eLinux Engines of Democracy: Article on GE Durham For Keeps Free Software Insight-Computing Products MacMall Home of "pure" mozilla browser PCMall Toshiba



        BellSouth-Real WhitePages
        Celebrity Search
        GTE SuperPages
        Netscape Yellow Pages
        People Finder
        Web Categories
        YellowPages AtHand


Friends of


        JACOA (Bob's work)
        The Other Side Media Creations, Inc. (Huges)
        SCUBA Emporium


Entertainment and Lifestyles

 Commercials - All Ads, All The Time.
        Ananova - Quirkies
        Cyberian's World: A coder with prose
        Discovery Health
        WBTV - Eagle Cam
        eNovel - Entertainment for Readers (tm)
        ET Online
        LangaList Home Page
        Movies Channel
        RC Submarines
        Rolling Stone Network
        The Royal Air Force - Home Page
        Sliding-Door Maze
        Space Childs Mother Goose: Purple House Press Books for 2001 community
        Theseus: Game





Articles (site pages)




10 Top Excuses For Hitting You Partner With A Fireball: SIM Related 1040 form (joke) Cat Rules Clean the internet notice: Shagmail Control World With Your Mouse Einstein Puzzle, Page 1 How To Write Unmaintainable Code Miami Herald: A few nice words about IRS on way to Leavenworth Libera Manifesto: On "Free" services... Nerd Test Server 54, Where Are You? > April 9, 2001 SevenElements Things You Wish Your Computer Had


Games (online)


                Geek Code: "Coded" self interest info messages


On Line Comics


                Ben comic strip by Daniel Shelton
                Charley Parker's virtual comic book - ARGON ZARK!
                Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - Dilbert Zone - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams
                Off the Mark Cartoons!
                Pearls Before Swine
                User Friendly the Comic Strip


Link Pages/Collections


                Beer's Homepage: The Best Joke Collection ever known.
                Index of /pub/multimedia/sun-sounds
       the A-Z jokes directory
                lynda@home: Humor Links


Sites (general)


                Debs Fun Pages
                Dystopia (Comics/Humor)
                The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
                We never landed on the moon!




                IFILM: "405" funny movie


Cock-a-hoop v2




                Business Journal
                eBay Sports
                Entertainment News
                Infowar: Hacker News
                Music News Directory
                Netscape Sports
                News and Media Directory
                News Channel
                Today's Tech News
       News: Usability tips


"Open" Sites


                Index of /


Programming Resources


                Bug Management
                                From Kelvin Chuna
                DiskId32 (freeware)
                MSDN Library Start Page
                ScreamDesign-Free animated gifs,images,web design,flash animation,photoshop tips,html,icons
       Design Comments

Add On's






                        Autodesk - Free DWG, DXF, DWF Viewer Software - Volo View
               PDF SW
                        Dr. DWG Inc.: CAD Viewer +
                        NetObjects Fusion Component - Quick Form Mailer


ComponentSoftware Visual Diff for Windows 95/NT ComponentSource Build Components UPX: EXE DLL packer

Net Objects Fusion


                        Cerious Software - The Home of ThumbsPlus!
                        Cool Focus™ Java Design, Menus and Web Site Navigation
                        DFX | Nav. Scripts >> Static Slide Menu
                        Digital Dutch - Home of the Arles Image Web Page Creator
                        DNS2Go - Name Your Space
               -- Search engine pricing
                        ImageFolio : Features
               - web design training, books, videos and tips
                        NOF Template: Curvy
                        HamWeather / The Ultimate Free Weather Program!
                        Workbench - Components - SpamFree





                        G-Man Mail Sounds
                        Real Audo Programming Guide (notice.htm)
                        Wav Central: Wav Files and Sound Files Database




                        Calendar CGI Perl Script by Matt Kruse
                        The CGI Resource Index
                        Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) code library!
                        Dynamic Drive- Animated Document Title
                        Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Image Thumbnail Viewer
                        JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help


Clarion Sites



Products made with Clarion




Aphelion Software Delivers Complete Health & Fitness Club Management Solutions Auto Repair Shop Software POS Accounting Bookkeeping


Clarion 3rd Party Association (C3PA) Clarion User Interface Design Clarion - Tips & Articles Clarion Central Clarion Products CSS Tips and Tricks CwKeys - Data Ferret's Lair Page French Clarion Programs JDi Data Corporation - Clarion Downloads Jeff Jones' Clarion Site Loadstar Software: CWaddons LOGICBit Corp. (VooDoo) Open Clarion Home Page Resource Directory Riebens Systems Schoeffler & Rau Datensysteme Simplified Software SoftCreator - Select language's home Solace Software Sterling Data Clarion Software Library Taboga Software (Barcode Library) Telford, Alan: PowerBrowse Page Tools and Examples for Clarion Developers URLs for sites using Clarion 5.5 Web Technology Whitemarsh Information Systems Corp. - WisWeb Homepage




                                AsPack Software: Code scrambler
                                Decompilation of Binary Programs - dcc
                                Scintilla and SciTE
                                UPX: EXE DLL packer


Design (User Interface)


                       News: Usability tips




                                RHA MiniSystmes: DDE resource info
                                Netscape's DDE Implementation
                                Netscapes DDE: List of Chapters




                                MediaBuilder: Animation Factory - Free Animated Gif Library




                                Drivers and Utilities for Interbase
                                IB Expert - The Most Expert InterBase administration tool
                                IBObjects Home Page
                                IB Phoenix
                                InterBase Developer Initiative Home Page
                                Interbase unofficial site
                                Source Forge
                                XTG Systems - InterBase 6 ODBC Driver




                                VSJ.NET | What is .NET?


Quick Books Resources


                                DataBlox Inc. Home Page
                                Intuit Developer Network
                                Write It Once - Office Productivy Software Add-On for Accounting, Contact Manager, Address Book, Email, Fax, Word Processor, Label and Shipping Software


Software Add On's (general)







Index of /~d9847692/gboard


AGW Downloads ORCHID CITY SOFTWARE</CENTER> Review of Raxco's PerfectDisk 2000 Defragmentation Software TClock




                                        NuSphere - Open Source Solutions for MySQL
                                        Welcome to inteRAD Technology
                                        Why Not MySQL?


Tips & Tricks & FAQ's







Attryde, Paul: Clarion Insider: Tips Clarion: Some tips ClarionFoundry The Clarion Insider Identification of x86 CPUs with CPUID support SoftVelocity FAQs


Net Objects Fusion



Example Sites




Bartholomews Garden Machinery - Home Bienvenidos Epiphyllum Trade Page, Links, Pictures of Epies,Christmas Cactus, Easter Cactus EFSCO - The Educational Furniture & Supply Company Ltd. Frank B. Krause & Associates - Professional Land Surveyors Gloria's Birds Home Hard Country Cooking My Owner Order Form Triumph of Love - the cast of the european premiere


404 error trap Absolute HTML Compressor - optimize HTML files backing up your NOF web site BigNoseBird.Com's Virtual Card Script for Unix and Windows Bobby 3.2: Test Web Pages CSS Tips and Tricks Coolmaps Components Club : 14 March 2001 : ThumbsUp Coolmaps Components Club : Components : StickUp Coolmaps Components Club : Components : PopRocket Dallas's workshop Dynamic Images: Zooming In-Page - FormMail-7 The Fusion FAQ EyeWire: Images, etc. for web design HTTP Viewer (see all code) Matt's Script Archive NetObjects Fusion Components NetObjects Fusion Component - Advanced Site Protector NOF: Styles Index NOF Tips (in site) NOF: Tip: Colored Form Elements NOF: Tip: Colord Scroll Bars NOF: Tip: How To Get Text Off The Edges Of A Table NOF: Tip: Interfacing Graphic Stylers NOF: Tip: Makeing Thin Boarders (Layout Region) NOF: Tip: Makeing Thin Boarders (Nested Tables) NOT: Tip: Table Rollovers NOF: Workbench Notes Welcome to NOF! NRA Gym Supply - GymTrix Clip Art PhotoDisc: Royalty-free Digital Stock Photography PopRocket Popups NOF: Tutorials Index Rectangle NOF Style SitePoint Community Forums - The Webmaster Community Mastering the Web - Create Flash animations without Flash turtle's NOF tips, hints, and tricks turtle's ins and outs of META tags with NOF Workbench - JavaScript - Windows - Pop-Up Window




                                               Optimizing Windows for communciation
                                                        Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis: Bindings page



Windows Tracing


                                                        Sysinternals Freeware
                                                        TamoSoft: CommView



Research (Personal)


                                                                Real Estate Buyers Friend RI and Mass




                                                                The EServer: Accessible Online Publishing
                                                                Fog Creek SW: Joel Spolsky: Articles
                                                       - Learn how Everything Works!
                                                                OpinionJournal - from The Wall Street Journal Editorial Page
                                                                PROJECT GUTENBERG - free e-texts easy download facility; presented by PJB Software
                                                       : fast free technical support

Amateur Radio




Univ. of Ark. at Little Rock's Amateur Radio Club Home Page




                                                                        Dru Blair's Art of Technology: Fine aviation art


Background Checks


                                                                        US SEARCH the one-stop access to records and information




                                                                        Blue Letter Bible
                                                                        Ship of Fools: the Magazine of Christian Unrest


Churches On Line


                                                                        Saddleback Community Church
                                                                        Southwest Community Church


Clothes (Online)


                                                                        Infectious Neckties, Scarves, Boxers




                                                                        WorldNetDaily: Britain, Australia top U.S.<br> in violent crime




                                                                        ICFDA International Coalition for Drug Awareness




                                                                        Garden Earth Enterprise




                                                                        Emerging Diseases




                                                                        Recent Developments in Human Behavioral Genetics




                                                                        GPSy (TM) -- FAQ on GPS Unit Recommendations
                                                                        GPS Receiver Information, Software, and Hardware Reviews of Garmin, Lowrance, and Magellan
                                                                        A Practical Guide to GPS -UTM




                                                                        The Greatest Hacks of All Time
                                                                        Guide to (mostly) Harmless Hacking
                                                                        Infowar: Hacker News




                                                                        About One Hand Typing and Keyboarding - Resources, Instructions and Motivation
                                                                        CD FAQ: MRichter Home Page
                                                                        CD-Recordable FAQ
                                                                        CPU Info
                                                                        CSTInc, The Online Memory Tester and Testing Solution Company.
                                                                        DSK - Dvorak Keyboard: Good info on
                                                                        Orb: Mass Media Storage
                                                                        SGI - Silicon Graphics 1600SW: Home Page
                                                                        spc000" ADD_DATE="985064799" LAST_VISIT="985065183" LAST_MODIFIED="985064755">XCam2 Wireless Video Camera from
                                                               > Explorer > None Like It Hot > 2001-03-12
                                                               Processor "heat" article




                                                                        2Wire Bandwidth Meter
                                                                        AnalogX - Downloads [Script Defender]
                                                                        AWStats - Free GNU log file analyzer for advanced web statistics.
                                                                        C-Dilla Copy Protection or Spyware?
                                                                         CodeCharge - Welcome! 
                                                                        Community Building Web Site Software at
                                                                        What is Drug Dealer Ware?
                                                                        HTTP Viewer (see all code)
                                                                        Info: Online Security & Privacy Tests
                                                                        Inktomi Slurp
                                                                        LangaList Home Page
                                                               Home of "pure" mozilla browser
                                                                        NSI - Privacy Policy
                                                                        RFC 2368
                                                                        Scot Finnie's Personal Website
                                                                        SpyBlocker Software - Block Spyware from connecting to the Internet and displaying ads!
                                                                        Web Bug FAQ
                                                                        Xenu: Find broken links


Internet Tracing


                                                               - Domain Name Auctions, Research, and Management
                                                                        IANA Home Page


IP/URL Info & Registrars


                                                                        *©*`- -`*©* - Discount domain registration, DNS, domain brokerage, domain appraisal and transfer, and Web hosting :
                                                                        ICANN | gTLD Registrar List




                                                                        The Copyright Site
                                                                        Copyright Registration Info (LOC)
                                                                        Court: No Selling Credit Data
                                                                        Korova Multimedia (Email Notice)
                                                                        Lemon Law: Kimmel & Silverman, P.C. - Lemon Law Attorneys
                                                                        High Tech Crime Network




                                                                        Welcome To NewbieGuide Marketing Tools




                                                                        FEAR NOT!: Time Canada Article


Merchant Accounts


                                                                        Authorize.Net 2001 - Welcome - Online Merchant Services
                                                                        Welcome to BMT Micro, Inc.!
                                                                        Cardservice International Home Page
                                                                        Costco Online
                                                                        eWEBuilder: eCommerceBuilder
                                                                        GO Software PCCharge Alliance: Payment Processing Solutions
                                                                        Merchant account processing, process credit cards today!
                                                                        ProPay - Power to Process Credit Cards
                                                                        WorldPay - Online Credit and Debit Card Clearance By the World's Leading Payment Provider




                                                                        Nick Sandberg's Homepage




                                                                        Guitar Catalog Software
                                                                        KILLER GUITAR CHORDS




                                                                        Library Home




                                                                        Punnet, Ian: CryptoNews




                                                                        Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site
                                                                        Welcome to




                                                                        USPS Domestic Rate Calculator




                                                               Anti-add site
                                                                        Disk and File Shredders: A Comparison
                                                                        Junkbusters Home Page
                                                                        Korova Multimedia
                                                                        m-o-o-t: Secure against government invasion of privicy
                                                                        SafeWeb Startpage
                                                                        Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis: Bindings page


Programming Theory



XP: Extreme Programming






Bayesian Logic: Bjarne Stroustrup: Interview (C+ Creator) Computers that improve themselves Copy Protection: What's Wrong With Copy Protection Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction. - documenting data replication and data transformation sites on the Net GemStone Systems, Inc. - White Paper: Integrating Objects with RDBMS Libera Manifesto: On "Free" services... NTFS file system Wayne's Windows 2000 NT Resources for Administrators and Users A Programmer's Perspective on NTFS 2000: Stream and Hard Link Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Methods - 4.1 Selection of Methods Persistent Storage of Python Objects in Relational Databases SCID - Source Code In Database Steve & GRC on Television




                                                                                Famous Yogi Berra Quotes
                                                                                The Quotes Of The Day
                                                                                Things People Said




                                                                                kabbalah Bnei Baruch Home Page of the wisdom of kabbalah
                                                                                Spirit - Spiritual News from Around the World
                                                                                Westar Institute & Jesus Seminar Home









The Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery




                                                                                        Orbit Simulation
                                                                               space news, games, entertainment and science fiction


Optical Illusions


                                                                                        Welcome to


Radical Theory/Conspirisy


                                                                                        BROTHER JON GAZETTE
                                                                                        Enterprise Mission (Hogland)
                                                                                        The Moon Shots Were Faked


String Theory


                                                                                        The Official String Theory Web Site


News: An end to recharging for mobile phones Webvision: Retna info




                                                                               - by PriceClick




                                                                                        CPU Info
                                                                                        ICAT Metabase: A Searchable Vulnerability Index
                                                                                        NIST Internet Time Service
                                                                                        Properties editor
                                                                                        Zero-Knowledge Systems | Home of Freedom, The Internet Privacy Software




                                                                                        Dr Sky
                                                                                        Liftoff to Space Exploration
                                                                               -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids



Shopping and Classifieds



Travel and Leisure




Leisure Planet Local Channel Maps and Directions Outdoors Directory Regional Directory Travelocity Travel Directory Vacations World Directory Best Web Buys helps you search for books, music, video, and bikes, and compare prices at online stores CoolSavings Online Coupons Auctions Fine Gifts and Housewares Free Forum Freebies FreeRide Shop@Netscape Rent.Net




                                                                                                Babylon Project Home Page
                                                                                                scott & deb rhymer home page


Utilities: Training


                                                                                                AnalogX - Downloads [PCalc]
                                                                                                Babylon Translator, Dictionary, Converter and Information at your fingertips!
                                                                                                FrontPage 98 & FrontPage 2000 Online Support - SiteCrafters Internet Services
                                                                                                FrontPage 98 FAQs - and Answers
                                                                                       Researching ASP
                                                                                                Tutorial Hound - the webs best html tutorials, flash tutorials, java, javascript, visual basic, plus more!
                                                                                                W3Schools Online Web Tutorials


What's New and Cool


                                                                                                Advertise with Netscape
                                                                                                Become a Directory Editor
                                                                                                Hot Searches
                                                                                                My Netscape
                                                                                                New Netscape Search
                                                                                                Search from Your Browser
                                                                                                What's Cool
                                                                                                What's New




                                                                                                Rosie Weather NZ


Personal Bookmarks




Projector People : LCD Projectors, Video Projectors, Plasma Displays, Home Theater Privacy Power! Gorilla Design Studio Presents: The Hosts File JPEG image 517x610 pixels Picture Gallery Web hosting services for linux unix nt web hosting service solutions. Calendar Objx Screenshots DSL - - the place for BROADBAND The Linux Documentation Project: FAQ index Glossaries Gitano Software, Inc. TierraNet - put yourself on the web Ulead Systems - Creative Intelligence