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Just in case you don't know, Clarion is a 4th generation language owned by Soft Velocity. One of the best things about the language is not the language itself, but the community of users. Soft Velocity has set up a news server (with many very useful groups on it) and you can also access the public news group comp.lang.clarion from most news servers. These groups are very active, generating several hundred messages a day. The most useful thing about them is that most of the time, you can have your Clarion specific questions (and often answers to almost any technical question) replied to within minutes. Very useful! Besides this, there are several other resources available, all highly recommended.

Clarion Related Links:

  • SoftVelocity: The makers of Clarion, the program we use to create most of our applications.
  • Tom Ruby's Clarion Connection: An excellent Clarion language resource. Contains hundreds (thousands?) of Clarion related links.
  • Steve Parker's Site: Another good Clarion resource with a knowledge base and download site!
  • IceTips: Hosts a myriad of information plus a knowledge base!
  • Clarion Publisher: Host several excellent Clarion related FAQ's. Well worth the nominal fee they ask.

Clarion related IRC: #CW-TALK is a live chat group for those times when your questions need really fast answers, or when you just want to know you're not the last living soul on earth!