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CQ: The Morse Code Generator

I'm an amateur radio operator. One day, I had a mental block, but this idea came into my head. It didn't take too long to code. Here's what it does.

CQ will uses your PC speaker (many are "wired" through your sound card, so make sure your speakers are "on") to send Morse Code (technically, International Morse Code). The program takes up to three "switches": 1) Text/File to "send", 2) Tone (defaults to 2500 if blank), and duration of a "dit" in milliseconds (defaults to 75 if blank). To send a text, at a DOS prompt, type


and the program will send the text in code. If you want to send the text of a file (Careful! Even a short file can take quite some time to send!), just prefix the path (or just the name of the file if it's in your current directory) with an exclamation mark (!). Since there are lots of characters that don't have Morse representations, they are counted as a <space>. Also, multiple spaces (including the aforementioned ignored characters) are "compressed" to a single space. So, if you wanted to send a text file named TEST.TXT, you would just type...


... and it will read the file and send it. Other "options"...

CQ !TEST.TXT 2000 30 (sends TEST.TXT with 2kHz tone quite fast!)

CQ "Hello There!" 3500 100 (sends "Hello There" very slow, 3.5kHz tone)

Download CQ.ZIP (just the executable)
Download CQCODE.ZIP (the executable, CQ.CLW and CQ.PRJ)