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General Humor Page

If nothing else, the Internet has a lot of humor... Much of it isn't something you'd repeat to your grandmother... well, not my grandmother... You won't find those here. I've tried to give credit where credit is due, but I'm sure that most of the time, where I got it isn't where it started... Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Have fun!

"Corporate Telephone"


Abbot & Costello And Windows...

Adults Say the Darndest Things 2...

Adults say the darndest things...

Amazon Explorer

America of the 1990's

Arizona Anniversary

Bad Food...

Big Bang

Blind Man In The Bar

Blond Message

Bush Lunch

Children's Letters To God

Cigar Bribe

Coffee Down...

Computer Prayer

Dear Abby...

Did I Say?

Don't Underestimate The Intelligence Of The Texans

Failed Greeting Cards...

FBI Test

Forwarding Jokes...


How Many Church People Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

I R An Engineer

Indian Winter

Interesting Quotes...

Life's A Test - And you're Graded On A Curve

Lone Ranger & Tonto

Male Language Patterns

Military Preparedness


Natural Selection Of M&M's

Oil Shortage

Old Country Doctor



Peek-A-Boo 1

Peek-A-Boo 2

Peek-A-Boo 3

Peek-A-Boo 4

Pick Three Hymns...


Programmer's Joke

Questions, Answers and Other Musings...

Quiz 1

Signs For The Stupid

Soap, Soap, Soap!!


Spelling Chequer

Subject: Chapter & Worse

Survivor: Texas Style

The Perfect Husband

Top 10 Ways to Tell if a Redneck is Using Your Computer

Top 15 Biblical Ways To Acquire A Wife

Top 7 Ways To Acquire A Husband (from J. Duin)

Upgrading To Husband 1.0

Upside Down World

Why We Shouldn't Idolize Sports Figures

Windows 98 - Southern Edition


Woman's Prayer

Work Moral

You Know You've Been Out Of College Too Long When...

You know you're a missionary kid (MK) when . . .

You Might Be A College Student...