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Robert (TopSpeed.Topic.Chat)

A fellow in his 40's buys a new Mercedes and decides to test it out on the freeway. He is running about 80MPH with the top down and the wind blowing through his hair. All of a sudden he notices a highway patrol cruiser flashing his red lights directly behind his car. In an instant, he decides that his new Mercedes can easily outrun the patrol car so he jumps the speed up to 100, then 115 and finally 125.

The patrol car is right behind him and the guy finally realizes what he has done and pulls over. The patrolman walks up to him and asks for his drivers license. He then looks at the driver and says "this is my ticket for my shift and I really hate writing up a bunch of paperwork." "If you can give me an excuse I have never heard before" I will let you off. The driver thinks for a second and says: "officer, two weeks ago my wife left me for a cop. I thought you were the cop and trying to give her back to me."

The patrolman let him go...