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Need to know what your kids are doing on the computer when you're not there? Trying to keep track of your time on the computer? Want to know how much time you really spent playing minesweeper? Read on!

The idea is simple: Keep an eye on what your PC is doing... even when you're not there! Sounds easy... For Looker, it is! What better way to keep tabs on a computer than a computer program?

How Looker Came To Be...

We were asked a simple question: "Has someone been using my computer while I'm away? Were people at work looking at my files when I'm gone?" The way to find out seemed obvious: write a program to "watch" the computer. Yeah, right! What, exactly, do you "watch"? Since the amount of information available on your PC is staggering, we had to minimize what we put in Looker's log. We choose saving just the title bar text (that is, only the words that appear on the bar at the top of each window with the "X" on it). Even then...

The Problem With Logs...

Unlike the logs you find in the woods, these things can have a life of their own! Unattended, a log file can, in time, "eat up" a very large amount of storage space. Besides that, trying to find anything useful in something that big can be a daunting task... even for your computer!  So, we "taught" Looker to be efficient. Looker recycles! When Looker exceeds the limit you impose, it takes the oldest log entry and overwrites it.

Looker: Unstoppable?

You don't want anyone to know about Looker or be able to stop it's taking logging information? Well, it's subtle, but not impervious! So, what happens when your computer savvy teenager discovers looker running on the PC? Well, hopefully, they won't do anything, but, if they do, looker has a few tricks up it's sleeve! It can run two copies of itself which "watch out" for each other.

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