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Ticker Tape With Pizzazz!

Looking for a unique way to grab your users attention? Want a different way to show what's happening during a long process? Maybe you need to notify your users of impending actions or you are notifiying your user of an upcoming meeting. xTicker can help! This conrol has a full set of options, but can be configured in just seconds! Just drop the control template on your screen, size and color the resulting control to your liking. Then add text through the template and your done! You can even add multiple messages, each with their own color scheme!


  • Smooth display movement
  • Multiple messages
  • Different message transitions ("space" between or wait until previous message is cleared off before next)
  • Messages can be discarded after being displayed several times (your choice of how many times)
  • Each message can have it's own foreground/background color.
  • Obnoxious "word-at-a-time" mode to help user notice the message.
  • Controlalbe Idle display
  • Blink messages
  • Very easy installation and use
  • Fully controlable functions
  • Help file included