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xFile Icon Manager

Icons, icons everywhere, but not a drop to link!

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Icons seem to be like rabbits: They multiply! If you have a substantial icon library, you know the pain of looking for "the one." Even in one place, it's a dauntless task! Have you spent hours delving into the inner depths of your hard drive thinking, "I just know I saw it here before... somewhere!" It's xFile Icon manager to the rescue! This is a simple program designed to help you find what you're looking for, FAST!

xIcon(click on image for larger)

The xFile Icon manager is a simple way to search your drives for icons. Just select the directory you want to search, hit a button and you'll see all the icons in that directory tree. There are currently several important features:

  • You can have the xIcon search icons embedded within EXE's and DLL's. Note: This does take considerably longer to scan and currently, there is no way for xIcons to export the embedded file (it will do this in a future release).
  • You can have xIcon search for several other file types to display. Note: If you ask xIcon to list large graphic files, it will take a considerable amount of time to read and display them!
  • You can use xIcon's filter options to locate icons that might be of interest.
  • You can use xIcon's "Find Duplicate Files" feature to see whether you have the same Icons under different names.
  • Future: The ability to get Icon names/paths by right clicking on the displayed image.
  • Future: The ability to extract Icons from EXE's and DLL's.
  • Future: The ability to categorize  your Icons by any criteria you desire.
  • Future: The ability to copy selected Icons to a directory of your choice.
  • Future: What would you like to see? Drop me a line!

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The future of xIcon: When the more useful features of xIcon become available, they will be available to paid subscribers only.

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